Clear Heel New Crystal "Cinderella" shoe 4" heel size 5-11
DaVinci 2526 Quinceanera Dress
DaVinci 60012 Bridesmaid Dress
DaVinci T8199 Bridal Gown White, Ivory or Champagne
Impression 4888 Destiny wedding dress Size 6 white
Impression Destiny Wedding Dress 6955 White size 12
La Perle 7441 Impression Mother of the Bride Dress Size 2-30
Layla K LK-53 Quinceanera Dress Champagne, Aqua, Pink
Majesty shoes in silver, gold, white (dyeable) and black, size 5-11
Mayqueen-1058 dress Aqua, Champ, Coral, Red, Royal, Magenta
Quinceañera Dresses
Satin Children's Ballet Shoe White dyeable size 1 infant to 4 girls
Tip Top Dress 5324 Long satin in white, ivory size 4-16
Tip Top Satin Sash 1 1/2 inches wide
Tracy Shoe Dyeables silver, champagne, black, white M-X-wide
Wedding Dresses
(this image cannot enlarge)
195586 Bridesmaid Dress, Coral, Turquoise, Victorian Lilac, Pink
238-073-Bridesmaid Dress, red, black, gold, purple, royal, coral
7455 Bridesmaid Dress in Many Colors
Abbey Shoe Dyeables 1 3/4" heel Ivory, White, size 5-12 M, W
Adele Adult White Dyeable shoes 2 1/2" 9 1/2 Clearance
Adele Children's bridal shoes, white dyeable Flower girl shoes size 8-4
Adele Children's White dyeable Flower girl shoes size 9-3 1/2
Adult Colored satin gloves Wrist, Above elbow, Below elbow and Opera in MANY COLORS
Adult White dyeable satin ballet slipper
Alfred Angelo wedding dress style 2229 Ivory In Stock Size 16
Alfred Angelo Wedding dress White chiffon, Lace up size 26W
Allure 2667 Wedding Dress, Preowned size 18
Andie Shoe Coloriffics, white, ivory, champagne 1" heel 5-8
Anette Gold 1" Wedge Heel Shoe 5-12 M, W
Anette Silver Wedge Shoe, 1" Heel, 5-12 M, W
Anette-Black Satin Shoe 5-12 M, W
Annette Flat Bridal Shoe Dyeables, 1" Heel, 5-12 M, W
Ashley shoe By Colorful Creations 4“ 1/2 heel with Platform in white (dyeable) or Ivory size 5-10, 11
baby flower girl dress
back view
back view
back view
back view (this picture does not enlarge)
Beach Impression Style 4818 Chiffon Dress Size 24 Ivory
Beach Wedding Dresses
Betsy Children's formal satin shoe white dyeable 1 1/4 inch heel
BG Haute E01015 Dress 12, 14, 16 only
BG Haute E01017 Prom Dress Platinum, Champagne
Bijoe blue (this picture does not enlarge)
Bob's Taxi Service
Bonny Size chart
(Bridal, Essence, Bonny,
Special Occasion and Quinceanera)

Bonny 5507 Quinceanera Dress White/Blue
Bonny 7452 Mother of the Bride dress in Chiffon In Stock size 6
Bonny 7519 Black Formal gown with lace 12
Bonny Bridal Quinceaneras
Boys, Baby Tuxedo Black, White or Ivory size 6 months to size 20
Boys, Toddler, Baby formal Dress suit size 6 months to size 20
Bridal Accessories
Bridal Belt Sash style 2 beaded 2 inches ivory or white
Bridal belt sash style 29 with flower in ivory and white, 2 inches
Bridal Belt Sash with rhinestones and pearls 314
Bridal Belt Satin beaded Ivory or White Thin 1 inch style 22
Bridal Belts
Bridal Crinoline Pettycoat A-line Full
Bridal Garment Bags
Bridal Hair comb with clear Swarovski crystals and rhinestone detail in silver style HC 2401
Bridal Hair pin with rhinestone and pearl details in silver
Bridal Hoop Petticoat 3 ring Extra Full
Bridal Jewelry or Bridesmaid necklace and earrings Silver, gold
Bridal jewelry Pearl Necklace set floral pearl in silver or gold
Bridal Jewelry Set Silver or Gold Crystal NE 307 Many Colors
Bridal Jewelry Set NE334 Rhinestone Drop silver or gold
Bridal Lily Reception set Guest book, Pen, Ring pillow
Bridal Pettycoat, Mermaid style 1393
Bridal shoes - Prom shoes
Bridal Veil 2 Tier with Attached Comb Rattail finish in Ivory or white
Bridal Veil 2 Tier, Thin Trim veil in Ivory or white, with comb
Bridal Veil 2 tiered cut egde white, ivory, pink or champagne
Bridal Veil style V-174 in ivory or white beaded trim 2 tiers
Bridal Veil style V-50149 with crystal beading, ivory or white
Bridal Veil, V -130 Scalloped finger-tip with comb ivory or white
Bridesmaids Dresses
Cake toppers monogram letter cake jewelry
Cathedral Lace Veil
Champagne Glitter clutch handbag HB82034
Champagne RQ-
Chandelier Earrings style E963 by Mariell in 7 colors
Chicas C1969 Party Dress in Green, Ivory/Gold, Melon
Chicas C1973 Prom Dress in Aqua, Mint, Coral
Chicas C5502 Prom Dress in Peach, Green, Light Blue
Chicas C5508 Dress in Green, Dusty, White, Red, Navy
Chicas C5509 Dress Aqua, Peach, Mint, Royal, Fuchsia, Black
Chicas C5697 Ball Gown white XS-3X
Chicas C5814 Quinceanera Dress Aqua or Orange XS-3XL
Chicas C6903 Prom Dress in Orange, Royal Blue
Chicas C6909 Dress in Coral, Aqua, Plum, Peach, Lilac, Blush, Mint
Chicas C8515 Prom Dress in Peach, Mint
Chicas C9546 Bridesmaid Dress size XS-XL
Chicas Dress C1976 in Mint, Aqua
Chicas Dress C6420 lace black/nude or red nude In Stock
Chicas Dress C6943 in Mint, Royal Blue, Coral, Aqua, Ivory XS-2XL
Chicas Fashion C7193 Dress
Chicas Fashion Prom Dresses
Chicas Prom Dress C1951 in Mint, Orange, Peach, Black
Chicas Prom Dress C1961 Nude, Mint, Coral, Black/Nude In Stock
Chicas Prom Dress C5503 in Peach, Green
Chicas Prom Dress C6907 in Jade, Peach
Chicas Prom Dress C7192 in Coral, Mint, Aqua
Chicas Prom Dress Style C1984 in Lilac, Peach, Mint
Chloe Shimmer Shoe Gold-champagne, Silver, Black M, Wide
Christina White Dyeable Bridal Shoe 1/4 inch heel
Cinderella Devine dress 7456
Cinderella Divine 7455 Dress
Cinderella Vinyl Clear Shoe with 2 inch heel
Cindy 1265 in Charcoal, Nude, Fuchsia, Turquoise
Cindy 1296 Green, Teal, Purple, Ivory, Royal, Red, Coral, Black
Cindy 1302 Mother of Bride Dress, charcoal, teal, ivory, black
Cindy 1328 Dress Royal Blue 2XL Sale
Cindy 1346 Dress Fuchsia, White, Purple, Coral, Rose, Green, Royal
Cindy 1357 dress Fuchsia, Silver XS, S,
Cindy 1358 Dress Turquoise, Red, Coral, White, Mint, Royal
Cindy 1393 short lace dress mint,
Cindy 1398 Mother of the Bride Dress Silver, Champagne, Dusty Rose
Cindy 1421 Mocha, Purple, Blush, Royal, Mint, Red, plus
Cindy 1432 Dress Blush, Red, Royal, White, Lilac, Champagne
Cindy 1449 Dress White, Blush, Red, Royal, Champagne, Silver
Cindy 1503 Bridesmaid Dress Coral, Blush, Royal, Red, Silver
Cindy 1504 Dress Lilac, Blush, Fuchsia, & more
Cindy 1519 Dress, Champagne, Blush, Burgundy, Silver
Cindy 1543 dress champagne, blush, burgundy, silver, white
Cindy 1548 Dress Navy, Blush, Burgundy, Dusty Rose +
Cindy 1557 Dress Plum, Burgundy, Champagne, Dusty Rose
Cindy 1580 Dress Silver, Burgundy, Navy, Mocha S-3XL
Cindy 1581 Mother of the Bride Dress Royal, Champagne, Dusty Rose
Cindy 1589 dress silver, champagne, white, blush XS-3XL
Cindy 1601 Dress Royal, Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Mocha S-4XL
Cindy 1603 Dress Sage, Burgundy, Dusty Rose, Mocha
Cindy 1605 Dress in Dusty Rose, Burgundy, Purple, Red, Black
Cindy 1605 Mother of the Bride Dress Many Colors
Cindy 1658 long Sleeve Formal Dress Navy, Burgundy, Blush
Cindy 1664 Dress Dusty Blue, Mocha, Burgundy, Off-white, Navy, +
Cindy 1666 Dress Dusty Blue, Sand, D. Rose, BLack S-4XL
Cindy 1711 Dusty Blue, D. Rose, Sage, Champagne
Cindy 50355 Dress Dusty Rose XS-3XL
Cindy 50357 Champagne, Blush, Burgundy, Silver
Cindy 50358 Mother of Bride Dress Navy, Silver
Cindy 50372 Blush, Ice Blue, Silver, Champagne
Cindy 50378 Dress Sage, Ice Blue, Navy XS-3XL
Cindy 50386 Dress Royal, Burgundy, Black, Dusty Rose
Cindy 50393 Mocha, Burgundy, Black, Dusty-Rose
Cindy Collection 1275 Dress in Ivory, Coral, Purple, Royal
Cindy Collection 1275 in Off White, Coral, Purple, Royal
Cindy Collection 1352 dress in Ivory, Mint, Coral, Royal
Cindy Collection 1363 in Gold, Blush, Royal, Silver, Mint
Cindy Collection 1379 Only mint, coral. royal XS
Cindy Collection 1418 ivory, white lace dress
Cindy Collection 1452 Homecoming Dress
Cindy Collection 1458 Dress Red, Black, Royal Blue, Fuchsia
Cindy Collection 1496 Dress silver, royal, dusty rose, purple
Cindy Collection 1498 Dusty Rose, Burgundy, Black
Cindy Collection 1532 Dress Red, Navy, Burgundy, Black
Cindy Collection 1559 Purple, Dusty Rose, Burgundy, Lilac
Cindy Collection 1561 Dress Silver, Blush, Purple, Champagne
Cindy Collection 1563 Dress Purple, Ivory, Dusty Rose, Silver
Cindy Collection 1566 Dress Red, Purple, Silver, Royal S-3XL
Cindy Collection 1571 Dress Burgundy, Black, Blush, Silver
Cindy Collection 1573 Dress Burgundy plus many colors
Cindy Collection 1578 Dress, Blush, Burgundy, Mocha
Cindy Collection 1607 Dress Mocha Blush Champagne Silver
Cindy Collection 1608 Dress Red, Burgundy, Royal, D. Rose
Cindy Collection 1637 Dress light blue/silver, champagne/gold, mocha
Cindy Collection 1640 Dress Champagne/Gold, Mocha, Silver
Cindy Collection 1728 Mauve, Hunter green, D. Blue +
Cindy Collection 50360 Champagne, Blush, Burgundy, Royal
Cindy Collection 50363 Dress Many Colors
Cindy Collection 50374 Dress Dusty Rose, Burgundy
Cindy Collection 703 Wedding Dress Off-White
Cindy Collection Dress 1179 Brown, Silver, Teal, Purple, Black, Royal
Cindy Collection Dress 1296 in Many Colors
Cindy Collection Dress 1310 Lavendar
Cindy Collection Dress 1312 Red, 3XL
Cindy Collection Dress 1319 Black, Ivory
Cindy Collection Dress 1321 Red S Only
Cindy Collection Dress 1324 in Ivory, Black, Red S-3XL
Cindy Collection Dress 1325 in black/royal and black/silver
Cindy Collection Dress 1331 Coral, Purple, Turquoise
Cindy Collection Dress 1334 Black/Magenta only XS, 3XL
Cindy Collection Dress 1336 in Lilac, Turquoise, Nude, Fuchsia
Cindy Collection Dress 1337 in Royal, Red, Black S-3XL
Cindy Collection Dress 1349 Sea Green S, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL
Cindy Collection Dress 1350 Gold, Black, Teal, Dusty Rose
Cindy Collection Dress 1351, Red, Royal, Black, Teal
Cindy Collection Dress 1364 in Coral, Mint, Champagne, Royal
Cindy Collection Dress 1365 in Champagne, XS
Cindy Collection Dress 1367 in Champagne, Coral, Royal
Cindy Collection Dress 1369 in Coral, Mint, Royal, Purple
Cindy Collection Dress 1370 Mint, Royal, Champagne, Coral, Red
Cindy Collection Dress 305 in Black/Nude, White, Black/Rose
Cindy Collection Dress 5026 purple XS-L
Cindy Collection Dress 50395 Champagne. Lilac, Blush, Silver
Cindy Collection dress, style 1163 in Red size M Sale
Cindy Collection Dresses
Cindy Collection Size Chart ( click here to view)
Cindy Collection Wedding Dress White, Offwhite/almond
Cindy Dress 1278 Royal, Teal, Black, Purple, Red, Mint
Cindy Dress 1291 Turquoise, Watermelon, Sea Green, Coral
Cindy Dress 1297 Sea Green Clearance XS, S, L
Cindy Dress 1340 Royal, Coral, Red, Teal, Sea Green, White
Cindy Dress 1362 Black/Royal, Black, Black/nude, Ivory
Cindy Dress 1371, Royal, Teal, Dusty Rose, Sea Green
Cindy Dress Style 1322 in Silver, Mocha, Black/Taupe, Navy
Cindy Mother of the Bride Dress 1332 Mocha, Silver, Navy, Black
CindyDress 1242 Sea Green Clearance XS. S, 3XL
Clear/gold This picture does not enlarge.
color swatches
Coloriffics Tori satin dyeable shoe size 5-11 M, Wide
Communion headpiece with veil in ivory or white with pretty detail Tip Top Style 705
Communion Veil and Tiara with Cross style 724
Communion veil floral white, headpiece with veil
Communtion Veil with attached headpiece tiara, white style 705 by Tip Top kids
Consignment Prom Dress silver size M For Sale
Consignment Quinceanera Dress for sale white size XS, S, M, XL
Consignment Wedding, Quince, Prom Dresses
Coral MQ1056
Cubic Zirconia Flower Earring E-2630
Daisy shoe by Dyeables white or ivory 2 3/4" 5 1/2 - 11
Dakota shoe Touch Ups 1 3/4" Silver, Black 5-12 M, W
Dangle Swarovski Crystal Dangle Necklace & Earrings Jewelry Set 7206
Davinci 50293 Lace Wedding Dress
Davinci 60027 Short Bridesmaid Dress
DaVinci 60094 Bridesmaid dress Short chiffon one shoulder
Davinci & Impression Shawls, Sashes or Extra Fabric
DaVinci 2354 Quinceanera Dress
DaVinci 2480 Quinceanera Ballgown Dress
DaVinci 2493 Quinceanera Dress
Davinci 50009 Wedding Dress Ivory, White
Davinci 50012 Taffeta Wedding Dress Ivory or White
Davinci 50013 Bridal Satin Wedding Dress Ivory or White
Davinci 50024 Wedding Dress
Davinci 50028 Taffeta Wedding Dress, ivory or White
Davinci 50031 Wedding Dress Ivory, White
Davinci 50032 Bridal Wedding Dress Ivory, White
Davinci 50033 Bridal Wedding Dress in Ivory, White
Davinci 50043 Wedding Dress
Davinci 50049 Wedding Dress in Taffeta ivory, white
Davinci 50089 Wedding dress Organza White, Ivory
Davinci 50090 Lace Wedding Dress
Davinci 50106 Wedding Dress Organza Ivory or White
Davinci 50133 Wedding Dress
Davinci 50144 Wedding Dress style in white or ivory
Davinci 50149 Tulle Wedding Dress
Davinci 50155 Lace Wedding Dress ivory, white
Davinci 50157 Lace Wedding Dress
Davinci 50177 Wedding Dress Fit and flare
Davinci 50186 Wedding Dress In Stock
Davinci 50194 Lace Mermaid Bridal Wedding Dress, Ivory or White
Davinci 50203 Lace Wedding Dress in Ivory or white
Davinci 50237 Wedding Dress
Davinci 50247 Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress
DaVinci 50281 Wedding Dress Ivory
DaVinci 60007 Short Bridesmaid Dress
DaVinci 60014 Bridesmaid Dress
DaVinci 60057 Short Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60067 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60068 Bridesmaid dress
Davinci 60113 Bridesmaid dress, Lace Open Back
Davinci 60114 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60119 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60120 Bridesmaid Dress Satin Mermaid Dress
Davinci 60121 Bridesmaids Dress
Davinci 60126 Short Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60129 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60132 short chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60135 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60137 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60138 short bridesmaid dress
Davinci 60139 Bridesmaid dress
Davinci 60141 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60143 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60151 Lace Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60157 Taffeta Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60161 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60168-60151 Mother of the Bride dress chiffon in Many Colors
Davinci 60171 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60172 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60173 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60174 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60183 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60184 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60193 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60194 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60195 Short Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60196 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60197 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60198 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60200 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60202 Chiffon Short Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60203 Short Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60204 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60205 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60207 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60215 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60221 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60227 Bridesmaid dress
Davinci 60242 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60242 Buff lace over taupe
Davinci 60276 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60280 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60295 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60301 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60312 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60313 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60326 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60327 Dress
Davinci 60337 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 60373 Lace Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 80007 Quinceanera Satin dress sizes 2-30
Davinci 80063 Quinceanera Dress
Davinci 8009 Wedding Dress
Davinci 80152 Quinceanera dress 2 week delivery
Davinci 80166 Quinceanera Dress, wine/gold size 2-28
Davinci 8336 Satin Wedding Dress Ivory, White, Champagne
Davinci 8341 Wedding Dress
Davinci 8347 Wedding Dress
Davinci 8354 Satin Wedding Dress ivory, white
Davinci 8373 Wedding Dress size 2-30
Davinci 8376 Bridal Wedding Dress ivory or white
Davinci 8393 Bridal Satin Wedding Dress
Davinci 8417 Wedding Dress ivory or white
Davinci 8439 Satin Wedding Dress in ivory or white
Davinci 8454 Chiffon Wedding Dress ivory, white
Davinci 9087 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 9093 Bridesmaid dress in Satin sizes 2-30
Davinci 9101 Dress in ivory sizes 2-16
DaVinci 9136 Bridesmaid dress, size 2-30W
Davinci 9138 Satin Bridesmaid dress
Davinci 9145 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 9150 Mermaid Satin Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 9184 short Junior Bridesmaid Chiffon dress
Davinci 9187 Bridesmaid dress Chiffon 4 week dress
Davinci 9204 Bridesmaid Dress
Davinci 9206 Jr. Bridesmaid dress
Davinci 9246 Bridesmaid Dress 4 week gown
DaVinci 9248 Long Bridesmaid Gown
DaVinci 9263 Mermaid Satin Bridesmaid Dress
DaVinci 9270 Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
DaVinci 9327 Mermaid Bridesmaid Gown
DaVinci 9329 Dress
DaVinci 9331 Long Bridesmaid Gown in Taffeta
Davinci and Impression Bridesmaid Color Swatches
Davinci Bridal 8220 Satin wedding dress
Davinci Bridal 50045 Wedding dress ivory, white
Davinci Bridal 50063 Break away Wedding Dress
Davinci Bridal 50096 Lace Wedding Dress
Davinci Bridal 50161 Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress
Davinci Bridal 50178 Wedding Dress, Organza ivory or white
Davinci Bridal 50197 Chiffon Wedding Dress
Davinci Bridal 8228 Wedding dress in Ivory with turq, and more
Davinci Bridal 8272 Mermaid Satin Wedding dress Ivory, white
Davinci Bridal 8334 Satin Wedding Dress ivory, white
Davinci Bridal 8344 Wedding Dress
Davinci Bridal Chiffon Wedding Dress Style 8307 in ivory or white
Davinci Bridal Lace Bolero jacket in white or ivory style 8448J
Davinci Bridal Lace Wedding Dress Style 8345 in ivory or white
Davinci Bridal Long lace Jacket F8188J in white or ivory
Davinci Bridal Sash in Many colors
Davinci Bridal Satin Halter Wedding dress with lace Style 8230
Davinci Bridal Satin Wedding Dress 50004 Ivory, White
Davinci Bridal Satin Wedding Dress Style 8323
Davinci Bridal Satin Wedding Dress Style 8416
Davinci Bridal Satin Wedding Dress Style 8441 in ivory or white
Davinci Bridal satin wedding dresss style 8318
Davinci Bridal Size Chart (for Wedding Dresses)-Click to view
Davinci Bridal Style 50082 Organza Wedding Dress Ivory, White
Davinci Bridal Style 8317 Lace Wedding Dress ivory or white
Davinci Bridal Style 8357 Lace Wedding Dress
Davinci Bridal Style 8359 Satin Wedding Dress
Davinci Bridal Style 8371 Wedding Dress
Davinci Bridal Style 8436 Lace Wedding Dress In Stock
Davinci Bridal style F8208 Chiffon Wedding Dress In Stock
Davinci Bridal Taffeta Wedding Dress Style 50010
Davinci Bridal Wedding Dress 8443 ivory, white size 2-30
Davinci Bridal Wedding Dress Style 8238 in ivory, white
Davinci Bridal Wedding Dress Style 8251 in ivory or white
Davinci Bridal Wedding Dress Style 8252 in ivory or white
Davinci Bridal Wedding Dress Style 8330
Davinci Bridal Wedding Dress Style 8361 size 2-30
Davinci Bridal Wedding Dress Style T8175 in white or ivory
Davinci Bridesmaid 60112 Short Dress
DaVinci Bridesmaid 9333 Gown Satin 4 weeks in any color
Davinci Bridesmaid Dress 60118
Davinci Bridesmaid Dress 60144 Chiffon
Davinci Bridesmaid dress 9304 in Satin
Davinci Bridesmaid dress60206
Davinci Bridesmaid Size chart
Davinci Bridl 8468 Wedding Dress
Davinci Chiffon Bolero Bridesmaid Jacket style 60168
Davinci Lace Bolero Bridal Jacket in ivory or White sizes 2-30
Davinci Lace Wedding Dress 50195, Ivory or white
Davinci Lace Wedding Dress Style 8385 ivory, white
Davinci Mother of Bride Lace Dress and Jacket 60168-60151
Davinci Organza Wedding Dress 50008 Ivory, White In Stock
Davinci Organza Wedding Dress Style 50015 Ivory or White
Davinci Quinceanera (Q by Davinci) Size Chart (click to view)
Davinci Quinceanera dress 80057 Purplish, Claret, Turquoise
Davinci Quinceanera Dress Style 5 Champagne, Claret
Davinci Satin Bolero 9066J Bridesmaid Jacket
Davinci Satin Wedding Dress Style 8304
Davinci Style 1 Quinceanera Dress Champagne, Flamingo
Davinci style 2373 Quinceanera Dress
DaVinci Style 2404 Quinceanera Dress Satin
Davinci Style 2485 Quinceanera Dress
Davinci Style 3 Quinceanera Dress in Cobalt, White
DaVinci Style 80026 Quinceanera Dress
Davinci Style 8377 Lace Wedding Dress in ivory, white size 2-30
Davinci Style 8407 Bridal Satin Wedding Dress in ivory or white
Davinci Style 8465 Wedding Dress
Davinci Style4 Quinceanera Dress Blush or Aqua
Davinci T8107 Satin Wedding Dress in ivory or white
Davinci T8109 Satin Wedding Dress
Davinci Wedding Dress 8438 Ivory or White
Davinci Wedding Dress 50041 in ivory or white
Davinci Wedding Dress 50053 in Ivory or white size 2-30
Davinci Wedding Dress 50143 in Satin white or ivory In Stock
Davinci Wedding Dress 50185 with jacket
DaVinci Wedding Dress 50330 Ivory, White
Davinci Wedding Dress 8355
Davinci Wedding Dress 8420 white, ivory
Davinci Wedding Dress Style 50007
Davinci Wedding Dress style 50138
Davinci Wedding Dress style 50139 in white or ivory In Stock
Davinci Wedding Dress style 50142 in white or ivory In Stock
Davinci Wedding Dress style 50148 in white or ivory In Stock
Davinci Wedding Dress style 50153 in white or ivory
Davinci Wedding Dress style 50153 in white or ivory In Stock
Davinci Wedding Dress style 50157 in white or ivory In Stock
Davinci Wedding Dress style F8188 white, ivory size 2-30W
Davnci 60181 Bridesmaid Dress
Destiny 11504 Bridal, Satin Wedding Dress ivory size 10, 12
Destiny 11512 Impression Wedding Dress Ivory 6, White 8
Destiny 11517 Impression Wedding Dress
Destiny 11525 Impression Wedding Dress white, ivory
Destiny 11526 Impression Wedding Dress Informal Ivory, White
Destiny 11527 Chiffon Wedding Dress Ivory, white Size 14, 16
Destiny 11528 Impression Wedding Dress Ivory size 6, 10, 12
Destiny 4986 Wedding Dress
Destiny 4990 Chiffon Wedding Dress 6, 8, 10, 14
Destiny 6907 Impression Chiffon Wedding Dress
Destiny 6926 Impression Wedding Dress white size 2
Destiny 6938 by Impression Wedding Dress 12-18
Destiny 6954 Chiffon Wedding Dress
Destiny 6958 Wedding Dress
Destiny Beach Wedding Dress 4824 Ivory size 10 In Stock
Destiny by Impression Bridal, Chiffon Informal Wedding Dress, Style 4885 in ivory or white size 2-30
Destiny by Impression Short Wedding Dress, Style 11507
Destiny Impression 11522 Wedding Dress ivory size 4, 6
Destiny Impression 4871 Wedding dress white, ivory
Destiny Impression 4982 Bridal, Satin Wedding Dress
Destiny Impression 6916 Chiffon Wedding Dress
Destiny Impression 6967 Satin Wedding Dress Ivory size 6
Destiny Impression Bridal 11518 Lace short Wedding Dress
Destiny Impression Short Wedding Dress, Style 11519
Destiny Impression Wedding Dress, 6915 Ivory,10 In Stock
Destiny Satin Wedding Dress 6913 Ivory 20
Destiny Taffeta Wedding Dress, Style 11506
Destiny Wedding dress 6935 white size 8 In stock
Destiny Wedding Dress Ivory size 16, 20
Destiny Wedding Dress, Style 6930
Devode Mother of the Bride Dress Clearance Size 4
Discount Destination Wedding dress Chiffon size 4 ivory In Stock
Discount Wedding Dresses $99-$400
DQ-8623 Dress in Red, Royal, Black, Fuchsia XS-3XL
Drawstring Pettycoat Sweetheart Slips style 1114DS Extra Full
Duchess Shoes by Dyeables 2 1/2" heel Ivory, White size 5-12
Elsa Shoes by Dyeables 3" heel White , Black, Ivory, Silver
EnVogue shoe 3 1/4" heel in Silver or White size 5-10, 11
Erica shoe 1 3/4" heel in White (dyeable) size 5-11
Erica Shoe by Dyeables 2 3/4" heel Ivory, White size 5- 11
Fashion Jewlery set in lilac or pink
Fingerless lace bridal gloves in ivory or white
Fingerless open gloves, shorter length in ivory or white
Fiore by Nina shoes satin size Ivory 6 1/2
Flamingo Shoes Dyeables 2 1/4" 4-12 M, Wide
Flower Girl Bolero Jacket Tip Top 7893 size 2-14
Flower Girl Necklace Set with earriings in Blue or Lilac
Flower Girl Basket BK4 in Ivory, White, Pink, Lilac
Flower Girl basket, in ivory or white by Tip Top
Flower girl crown 428 with flowers and rhinestones Ivory, white, lilac, blue
Flower girl dress 5290 Tip Top Ivory size 2,12
Flower girl Dress Tip Top 5029 white, ivory, size 2, 3
Flower Girl Dresses
Flower Girl Organza sashes, Many colors
Flower girl Sash Cumberbund style
Flower girl satin bolero Jacket Tip Top 7894 white or ivory 2-14
Flower Girl Shoes by Tip Top S-73 in Ivory, White
French Flower - Rhinestone Accented Monogram Cake Topper Set in silver or gold, includes the 3 letters
Gianna satin Wedding Shoes 4" white, black, silver sizes 4-11
Gianna shoes dyed blue
Glamour Silver or Champagne shoe 2 1/4 inch heel size 5-11
gold (this picture does not enlarge)
Gold Hair ornament comb with Rhinestones, R3-9282
Gold Tiara with with rhinestones style
Gold Wedding Tiara with Gold accents (pictured)
Heel shoe Silicon Cushion for comfort and to prevent slipping off
Hilton Bridal Wedding Shoes White, Silver, Black, 3 1/4 inch heels
Holly by Dyeables 3 1/4" heel in White (dyeable) or Silver
Hoop Petticoat 4-ring. Adjustable, Adult
Hottie shoes in Silver, Gold.BLack with rhinestones, NEW
Hottie White Dyeable Bridal shoes with rhinestones size 5 -11
Impression La Perle 7423 Mother of the Bride dress 2-30
Impression 10003 Wedding Dress White In stock size 18, 20
Impression 10008 Wedding Dress
Impression 10009 Wedding Dress
Impression 10010 Wedding Dress
Impression 10024 Short Wedding Dress
Impression 10044 Wedding Dress In Stock 8, 10, 12
Impression 10143 Wedding Dress Light-ivory or white,
Impression 10144 Wedding dress
Impression 10211 Dress Ivory/rose gold Size 14
Impression 11516 Wedding Dress
Impression 11523 Wedding Dress, Ivory or White 2-30
Impression 11548 Wedding Dress 2-30 In Stock Ivory size 14
Impression 1196 Bridesmaid Gown
Impression 1321 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1629 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1632 Chiffon Bridesmaid dress
Impression 1634 Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1637 Bridesmaid dress
Impression 1683 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1688 Short Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1692 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1693 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1694 Bridesmaid Dress in Taffeta
Impression 1700 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1713, 1731 Bridesmaid Dresses in Satin
Impression 1733 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1739 Bridesmaid Dresses
Impression 1746 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1760 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 1763 Bridesmaid Dresses
Impression 20004 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20009 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20017 Short Taffeta Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20035 Bridesmaid Short Satin Dress
Impression 20076 Formal Dress
Impression 20091 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20094 short Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20108, 20113 Bridesmaid Dress Satin
Impression 20110 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20135 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20156 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20160 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20165, 20163 Convertible Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20194 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20211 Bridesmaid Dress Tulle
Impression 20240 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20244, 20243 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20252 Bridesmaid Dress
Impression 20253 Dress
Impression 20263 Bridesmaid Dress Sequenced
Impression 2803 Wedding dress White or Ivory
Impression 2976 Lace Mermaid Wedding dress White or Ivory In Stock
Impression 3014 Wedding dress
Impression 3027 Satin Charmeuse Wedding Dress
Impression 3056 Wedding dress
Impression 3063 Bridal Tulle and lace Wedding dress
Impression 3078 Satin Wedding dress
Impression 3084 Wedding dress
Impression 3096 Wedding dress
Impression 3104 Wedding Dress
Impression 3115 Wedding dress
Impression 4865 Chiffon Wedding Dress Size 16 white In Stock
Impression 4987 Wedding Dress white, ivory 12,14
Impression 4992 Wedding Dress
Impression 4994 Wedding Dress White, Ivory In Stock size 18, 28
Impression 6903 Short Chiffon Wedding dress
Impression 6919 Chiffon Wedding Dress,
Impression 7400 Mother of the Bride La Perle Dress
Impression 7408 Mother of the Bride Chiffon dress, La Perle
Impression 7434 Mother of the Bride dress La Perle
Impression 7442 Mother of the Bride Dress La Perle
Impression 7444 Mother of the Bride dress La Perle 2-30
Impression 7446 Mother of the Bride La Perle dress 2-30
Impression 7463 Mother of the Bride dress La Perle
Impression Amaya Organza & Satin Wedding dress style 3064
Impression Bolero jacket in all Taffeta bridesmaid colors
Impression Bridal Style 10007 Wedding Dress Ivory or White
Impression Bridal 10046 ivory 8, white 12 In Stock
Impression Bridal 10072 Wedding Dress ivory and white
Impression Bridal 10202 in Satin Ivory, White
Impression Bridal 10212 Wedding Dress In Stock
Impression Bridal 10213 Ivory or white silver, gold detail, In Stock
Impression Bridal 10215 in Ivory, Diamond-White, White
Impression Bridal 10218 Gold/Ivory, Diamond-White, White, Ivory
Impression Bridal 10222 Wedding Dress in Ivory, White
Impression Bridal 10230 in Diamond White, White
Impression Bridal 3005 Alex Satin Organza Wedding dress
Impression Bridal 3006 Satin Wedding dress size 2-30
Impression Bridal 3041 Wedding dress In Stock
Impression Bridal 3054 Allie Satin & Lace Wedding dress
Impression Bridal 3089 Florentina, Organza Wedding dress
Impression Bridal 6970 Taffeta Informal Wedding Dress
Impression Bridal Alivia Satin Wedding dress style 3051
Impression Bridal Fenella Stretch Satin Wedding dress 3095
Impression Bridal Freda Wedding dress style 3092
Impression Bridal Freesia Chiffon Wedding dress style 3099
Impression Bridal Satin Charmeuse Wedding dress style 3061
Impression Bridal style 10063 Ivory Lace Wedding dress 4, 8
Impression Bridal/ Destiny/ Impression Bridesmaid (click to enlarge)
Impression Bridesmaid Dress 20001, 20013
Impression Bridesmaid Dress 1735, 1736
Impression Bridesmaid Dress 1774, 1775, 1773
Impression Bridesmaid Dress 20129
Impression Bridesmaid Dress 20195, 20199
Impression Bridesmaid Dress 20196, 20201
Impression Bridesmaid Dress 20200, 20197
Impression Bridesmaid dress in Satin 1772, 1768
Impression Bridesmaid Dress style 20104, 20106
Impression Bridesmaid Dress Style 20191, 20073
Impression Bridesmaid Dress, styles 1695, 1699, 1689
Impression Bridesmaid dresses 1724, 1726, 1719
Impression Bridesmaid dresses 1743, 1752, 1758
Impression Bridesmaid Dresses 20134
Impression bridesmaid dresses 20245, 20233
Impression Bridesmaid Dresses Georgette, styles 1742, 1744
Impression Bridesmaid Dresses in Satin, 1753, 1747, 1750
Impression Bridesmaid Dresses Satin 1770, 1777, 1767
Impression Bridesmaid Dresses style 20077, 20061
Impression Bridesmaid Dresses style 20137, 20126, 20138
Impression Bridesmaid Dresses style 20185 and 20187
Impression Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress 20132
Impression Formal Bridesmaid Dress, styles 1739 and 1711
available in many colors and sizes

Impression La Perle 6524 Mother of Bride Dress
Impression La Perle Mother of the Bride Size chart (Click here to see)
Impression Le Perle 7418 Mother of the Bride dress
Impression Mother of the Bride dress La Perle 7417 Size 2-30
Impression Satin Bridesmaid Dresses 1776, 1769, 1765
Impression Satin Jacket 941 with 3/4 sleeves, many colors
Impression Satin Wedding dress Style 4879 size 8 Ivory
Impression Short Bridesmaid Dress 20042
Impression Short Bridesmaid Dress 20049, 20045
Impression Short Bridesmaid Dress Style 20014
Impression Short Bridesmaid Dresses 20016, 20012
Impression Short Bridesmaid Dresses Satin 20021
Impression Tulle & Lace & Taffeta Wedding dress style 3074
Impression Wedding Dress 10151 in Ivory, White
Impression Wedding Dress 10214 Champagne/Ivory
Infant Formal Baby shoes Tip Top white, ivory S31 size 1-8
International Customers
Ivory or white ring pillow with flower, satin with organza
Ivory Ring Pillow Organza with satin ribbon beading and rhinestone detail
Ivory Ring Pillow with silver detail and organza bow
ivory/silver (this picture does not enlarge)
JACKETS (Bridal and Bridesmaid)
Jade, Scala 47551
Jasmine, Bridal Shoe white Dyeable size 5-11
Jasper Nude shoe, 1/2 inch heel, 5-11M
Jasper Shoe Dyeables 1/2 inch heel, 5-11 M
Jasper Silver shoe 1/2 inch heel, 5-11M
Jonquil/silver (Yellow) This picture does not enlarge
Jovani Size chart
Juliet 1172 Dress in red XS
Juliet 1218 Satín Mermaid Weddiing Dress XS-3XL
Juliet 237 Prom Dress in Burgundy, Navy, Rosegold
Juliet 314 Quinceanera Dress Royal, Turuqoise, Fuchsia
Juliet 322 Quinceanera Dress white, jade, fuchsia, purple XS-3XL
Juliet 337 Quinceañera Ballgown in Pink or Light Blue
Juliet 337W Ball Gown Dress in White
Juliet 337w Dress White, Blush, Light Blue
Juliet 361 Quinceañera Dress Pink, Aqua, white
Juliet 553 Dress Royal Blue, Jade, Red, White
Juliet 568 Prom Dress in Royal Blue, Red, Black
Juliet 575 hi-low Dress Jade, Coral, Royal blue XS-3XL
Juliet 586 Dress Charcoal, Jade, Off White
Juliet 597 Prom Dress in Wine, Gold, Black
Juliet 609 Prom Dress in Champagne, Off-white, Black, Fuchsia
Juliet 614 Prom Dress, Red/gold, Black/gold
Juliet 628 Prom Dress Black or Red
Juliet 635 Prom Dress in Navy, Wine, Silver
Juliet 640 Soft White Wedding Dress
Juliet 644 Dress Champagne, Red, Black, White
Juliet 644W White Mermaid Dress XS-3XL
Juliet 649 Prom Dress in Navy and Ivory
Juliet 676 Dress Dusty Rose, Burgundy, Navy
Juliet 701 Short Dress Silver, Turquoise, Pink, Fuchsia
Juliet 710 Dress Jade, White, Dark lilac XS-3XL
Juliet 819 Dress Navy, Burgundy or Rose
Juliet Dress 520 in Teal, Lilac, Fuchsia, Yellow, Purple XS-3XL
Juliet Dress 532 in Red, Ivory, Royal, Teal, Fuchsia, Yellow XS-3XL
Juliet Dress 541 in Emerald Green, Royal Blue, Coral
Juliet Dress 542 in royal blue, black, red
Juliet Dress 549 in Royal Blue, Red, Jade
Juliet Dress 551 in Fuchsia, Coral, Purple, Turquoise
Juliet Dress 557 Red, Purple, Jade, Silver, Off White
Juliet Dress 560 in Peach, Teal, Purple, Off White
Juliet Dress 703 in Coral, Aqua, Silver, Lilac, Fuchsia
Juliet Dress 724 Lilac, Light Aqua, Red
Juliet Dress 739 Fuchsia Medium
Juliet Dress 741 in Purple, Jade, Blush, Fuchsia
Juliet Dress 742, gold, blush, fuchsia, turquoise, white
Juliet Dresses
Juliet Dresses style 539 blue or red
Juliet Prom Dress 546 in Orange Coral, Dark Purple, Black
Juliet Quinceanera Dress 1067 Fuchsia, Aqua
Juliet Quinceanera Dress 301 Fuchsia, Off White, Turquoise
Juliet Quinceanera Dress 312 in Purple, White, Fuchsia
Juliet Quinceanera Dress 319 Red, Royal Blue, White
Juliet Quinceanera Dress 323 Jade, Light Pink, Fuchsia
Juliet Quinceanera Dress 332 Purple, Light Pink, Turquoise
Juliet Quineanera Dress 320 Turquoise, Purple, Light Pink
Kirstie Kelly 1521 Lace Bridal Veil, ivory, white finger-tip
La Perle 40005 Mother of the Bride Dress
La Perle 40006 by Impression, Mother of the Bride Taffeta Gown
La Perle 40007 by Impression, Mother of the Bride Dress
La Perle 40009 Impression, Mother of the Bride Chiffon Gown
La Perle 40011 Impression Mother of the Bride Dress
La Perle 40012 Impresssion Mother of the Bride Chiffon Gown
La Perle 40013 Impression Mother of the Bride Chiffon Dress
La Perle 40014 Impression Mother of the Bride Chiffon Dress
La Perle 40015 Mother of the Bride Dress
La Perle 40017 by Impression, Mother of the Bride Taffeta Gown
La Perle 40022 by Impression, Mother of the Bride Chiffon Gown
La Perle 40026 by Impression, Mother of the Bride Chiffon
La Perle 40031 by Impression, Mother of the Bride Chiffon Gown
La Perle 40034 by Impression, Mother of the Bride Chiffon Dress
La Perle 40055 Mother of the Bride Dress
La Perle 6473 Mother of the Bride Dress, size 16 Bronze
La Perle 7414 Mother of the Bride dress in Taffeta Sizes 2-30
Lace Bolero Bridal Jacket 1299 3/4 sleeves ivory, white
Lace covered strapless wedding gown
with removable sash size 2-28

Layla K-47 Quinceanera Dress Aqua, Pink, Champagne
Le Perle 7401 Mother of the Bride Chiffon dress
Le Perle 7404 Mother of the Bride Dress
Le Perle 6514 Mother of the Bride Dress In Stock
Le Perle 6545 Mother of the Bride Dress
Le Perle 6546 Mother of the Bride Dress
Le Perle 6565 Mother of the Bride Dress
Le Perle 7421 Mother of Bride Dress
Lead (this picture does not enlarge)
Lilac Aline Tulle gown Consignment size 3
Lime May Queen 635 (actual color is brighter- neon)
Lindsay shoe by Coloriffics low heel black, silver Sale
Little Petal flower girl Clear shoes 1 1/2" heel silver size 4
Low Price Guarenteed!
Macis Design Size Chart
Magenta color
Mantilla Lace Veil 1572 in white or ivory
Mariell Jewelery set Genuine Austrian Crystals,
Mariell NE660 Cubic Zirconia Bridal Jewlery set necklace set
Mary's Bridal
Mary's Bridal Cupid Flower girl dress Style F703 size 8 Ivory only
May Queen 1056 Dress in Silver, Navy, Champ, Red, Royal, Coral, Aqua
May Queen 1078 Dress blush, aqua, white, red, royal, green
May Queen 1174 Formal Dress in Red or Black
May Queen 635 Bridesmaid Dress size 4-20
May Queen 813 Dress Burgundy, Ivory, Silver, Gold, Royal, Navy
May Queen 838 Mother of the Bride dress
May Queen 895 Dress size 4-20
May Queen DQ-8562 in Red, Mint, Black, Plum
May Queen Dresses
May Queen Mq1168 Wedding Dress Ivory, White
May Queen MQ1529 Black
May Queen MQ960 Dress, many colors
Mayqueen 1145 Dress Many Colors
Mayqueen 1561 Prom Dress 2-16
Mayqueen 998 dress, mint, blush, coral, silver, pink, orange, teal
Mayqueen Dress MQ1075 aqua, pink, nude, white, silver, purp, red
Mayqueen MQ1036 Dress Many Colors
Mayqueen MQ1050 dress mint, aqua, red, royal, silver, white, fuchsia
Mayqueen MQ1529 Dress, Many Colors 2-26
Mayqueen MQ1644 Dress Dusty rose, Royal, Burgundy 14 total colors
Meghan Flat Bridal Shoes by Touch Ups, Dyeable size 5-11
Milano B8865 Dress Truffle, Purple, Claret, Sangria, Ivory, Silver, more
Milano Bridesmaid Dress E1582 Fuchsia, Purple, Teal
Milano E1013 Satin Mermaid Bridesmaid Dress XS-8XL
Milano E1772 Prom Dress in Black
Milano Fashions (Click to enlarge)
Milano Formals Dress E1168 Teal, Burgundy, Navy, Sage, Truffle, Lilac
Milano Formals E2046 Prom Dress Navy or Rose
Milano-Formals B38962 Chiffon Long Chocolate gown size S, M
Milano-Formals Dress E1295 Fuchsia, Teal, Purple, Truffle, more
Mist (this picture does not enlarge)
Mocha dress
Money bags BRIDAL
Money Bags, Bridal in ivory or white, Lily #15
Mother of bride dress 1922 Silver, Sage, Champagne, Mauve, Teal, Black
Mother of the Bride Dresses
Natalie by Dyeables 2 1/2" Choc, Ivory, White, Silver, Pewter 6-12 M, W, N
NEW Gold pearl Floral Tiara Design Bridal Prom Tiara Crown
No Name
No Name
no name
No Name
No Name
No Name
Non-skid Comfort Silicone Gel pads adhesive shoe inserts by KIWI 1 pair
Nox 2838 short dress Light blue, Fucshia, Aqua
Olive(this picture does not enlarge)
Onxy by Dyeables 2 3/4" heel in silk size 5-11
Opal by Dyeables 2 1/4" White Dyeable size 5-12 M, W, EW
Opal by Dyeables Silver, Pewter, Black 2 1/4" 5 -12 M, W, EW
Organza Flower girl, Communion dress style 5342 in white with short sleeves, size 4, 6, 8, 10 , 12 Clearance!
P5808 Mother of the Bride Dress, charcoal, black, champagne, royal
Partytime Formals Size Chart
Passion rhinestone shoes in silver, gold or black
Passion shoes in White Dyable, size 5 - 11
Peach preowned Prom gown size XS
Pearl rhinestone jewelery necklace earring set with drop pearls
Picture of Scala 47523 Plum
Picture of Tip Top 5386 in White/pink (this picture does not enlarge)
Pink Quinceanera Rental Dress in Pink Small
Platinum (this picture does not enlarge but we can email it to you.).
Plum (this picture does not enlarge)
Prom Gowns - Long
Prom Long Dresses
Quince Dress Pre-owned Aqua size 6
Quince Juliet305 Dress Preowned Turquoise XS, S, XL
Quinceanera Preowned Turquoise white Fuchsia XS
Quinceañera Purple/ Fuchsia Dress 8
Raven shoe by Dyeables with 3 3/4 " Heel sizes 5-11
Red Davinci Quince dress rental size 6
Return Policy
Reviews of Discount Elegant Bridal
Ring pillows with flower or with silver detail, Ivory, white
Riva Designs Size Chart
Romance By Carbonneau 3" heel in white (dyeable) size 5-10 & 11
Rosie by Benjamin Walk Children's shoe dyeable size 7-4
Royal Blue Prom dress by Envious 15210 size 6
Royal Queen 7044 dress gold , black, red
Royal Queen 7305 Dress Size 2-20, Many Colors
Royal Queen RQ7220 Lace Prom Dress Red, Ivory, Royal
Royal Queen RQ7236 Wedding Dress
RQ-7305 champagne
Sash 4 Cumberbund
Sash style 3 beaded
Satin clutch purse by Dyeables silver, white, choc, black, pewter
Scala 47139 Short Formal Dress, Black/gold size 6
Scala formal cocktail dress 14245 Lead size 4 , 8
Scala Sequin Dress, style P4055 in Lead In Stock size 14, lead
Scala 14311 Formal Dress lead sizes 0 -16 In Stock
Scala 14316 Cocktail dress in Brown sizes 0-14
Scala 14320 Homecoming dress in dark lead sizes 0-16 In Stock
Scala 14324 Short Formal Dress in lead size 0-16
Scala 2008 Prom style 46808 in blue (In Stock)
Scala 47277 Dress in Bermuda
Scala 47277 Dress New Gold, Lead sizes 2-8
Scala 47303 Formal Dress size 0, 6 In stock
Scala 47438 Short Prom Dress in violet, black/nude 4-10
Scala 47484 Short Dress navy
Scala 47542 Prom Dress
Scala 47542 Royal Blue, Port-wine, Sky and more
Scala 47542-ivory 0-16
Scala 47551 Ivory dress
Scala 47551 Prom Dress
Scala 47560 New Years Dress in Silver Dew size 0,2
Scala 47631 Dress in Navy, Emerald, Sand, Red, White
Scala 47648 in Black, Lead 8, 10, 12, 14
Scala 47656 Dress Coral size 0, 2,12,14
Scala 47662 Dress in Fuchsia, Royal, Turquoise
Scala 47670 Dress in Lemon
Scala 47672 Dress in Black/Silver/Gold
Scala 47677 Dress in Ivory/Silver Size 8, 10 In Stock
Scala 47678 Prom Dress in Emerald, Turquoise, Red, Blush, Yellow, Black
Scala 47686 Dress in Hyacinth, Pink, Ivory
Scala 47692 Prom Dress in Ivory/Black
Scala 47706 jade
Scala 47706 Prom Dress Royal, Sky blue, Red, Jade, Aqua
Scala 47712 Dress in Ivory and Black
Scala 48333 dress in Ivory/silver/gold 0, 4
Scala 48389 Prom Dress
Scala 48400 Prom Dress
Scala 48467 Prom Dress Almond, Black, Red, Ivory, Platinum
Scala 48557 Prom Dress
Scala 48831 Prom Dress in Lead/Silver or Orchid
Scala 60116 Prom Dress Red, Blue, Buttermilk, Bubblegum
Scala dress 47255 Bronze sizes 0, 6 In Stock
Scala Dress 47463 long sleeves
Scala Dress, style 14264 Black/Bronze size 0-14
Scala Dresses
Scala Prom Dress 47680 Lead, Royal Black
Scala Prom dress P15016 White/Black
Scala Q4109 Formal short dress Size 0-14
Scala Short Dress 14196 In Red 2-6, 10; Navy size 0-10
Scala size chart - For certain style Scala dresses that don't have size chart in listing.
Scala style 14244 Dress in Dark Lead sizes 6-10
Scout Children's shoe Champagne/gold, Silver 12-4.5
See other Bridal sections for more gowns
Shail K 3157 dress Red, Black, Champagne
Shail K 3410 Dress in Toffee size 0 -16
Shail K 3427 Dress in Ivory or Nude/Blush
Shail K 3428 Dress in Ivory size 6 In Stock
Shail K 3691 Mother of the Bride Dress navy, nude, burgundy 0-26
Shail K 3850 Prom Dress in Purple, Nude, Pink
Shail K Dress 3408 in Nude/Gold or Ivory/Gold
Short Prom Dresses
Silver Bridal Wedding Hair pin with Rhinestones
Silver Hair comb tiara style R3-9248
Silver/ light amethyst
Silver/dark amethyst
Size Charts
Small Flower Girl Basket in Ivory or white Satin with organza and beading
Sparkle Prom 71280 Purple/Lime, Black/Champagne, Turq/Brown
Sparkle Prom 71284 Dress, Aqua/Pink, Purple/Lime, Lime/Yellow
Sparkle Prom Dress 71264 in Hot Pink, Turquoise, Champagne
Sparkle Prom Dress 71281 in Seafoam, Lilac, Fuchsia
Sparkle Prom Dress 71282 in Purple, Black, Red
Sparkle Prom Dress 71285 in Midnight, Red, Gold
Sparkle prom Dress 71287 in Black/Champagne, Red/Champagne
Sparkle Prom Dress 71289 in Yellow, Orange, Royal
Sparkle Prom Dress 71293 in Yellow, Aqua, Fuchsia
Sparkle Prom Dress 71331
Sparkle Prom Dress 71333 in Cerice, Coral or Tiffany
Sparkle Prom Dress style 71174 in purple/apple and black/turquoise
Sparkle Prom Dress Style 71175 black/gold or Ivory/ gold
Sparkle Prom Dress Style 71262 in Red/Nude, Black/Nude, Purple/Nude
Sparkle Prom Dress Style 71265 in Hot Pink, Purplish, Black
Sparkle Prom Dress Style 71267 in Champagne, Mint, Pink
Sparkle Prom Dress Style 71273 in Passion, Mint, Black
Sparkle Prom Dress Style 71274 in Cerise, Sky, Yellow
Sparkle Prom Dress Style 71276 in Aquamarine, Yellow, Fuchsia
Sparkle Prom Dress Style 71279 in Passion, Royal, Ivory
Sparkle Prom Size Chart
SparkleProm Dress 71283 in Black, Silver
Star Box S595 Short Formal Dress in Black, Red, Silver, White
Strappy bridal shoe with pretty rhinestone detail size 5-11
Summer Bridal Flip Flop Ivory, White Black
Sunshine Bridal Flip Flop shoes 1 1/2 inch heel white, ivory, black
Taffeta Bridesmaid Jacket 1741, many colors
Taylor by Coloriffics silver 6 1/2
Teal (this picture does not enlarge)
Test item yahoo
Tiara comb Hair Ornament in Gold R3-9259
TIARAS / COMBS / Hair Pins/Flower Fascinators
Tiffany Designs size chart
Tina Dyeable Touch Ups Shoes Children's Flower girl White 7-4
Tip Top 5334 Full Length Flower girl dress size 2-16
Tip Top 5165T Infant, Toddler flower girl dress ivory, white 6mo-4T
Tip Top 5319 Flower girl dress taffeta ivory size 2 only
Tip Top 5327 Long flower girl Dress White m Ivory size 4-18
Tip Top 5378 Flower Girl Dress Ivory or White sizes 2-12
Tip Top 5386 flower girl dress ivory/gold, white/pink, white/fuchsia 4-12
Tip Top 5484 Taffeta Formal girls dress size 2-16
Tip Top 5539 Flower Girl, Communion dress white, ivory 6-14
Tip Top 5542B Dress white, ivory, aqua, pink 2-16
Tip Top 5542long flower Girl Dress Full length size 2-16
Tip Top 5547 Flower girl Dress in Ivory Size 4 Only
Tip Top 5550 Flower Girl Dress Ivory, White has large Bow in many colors
Tip Top 5584 lace flower girl dress, champagne, ivory, white, 2-10
Tip Top 5642 Flower Girl Dress in White or Ivory 2-14
Tip Top 5700 Flower Girl dress 6 month to size 14
Tip Top 6036 Flower Girl Dress in white 5, 6
Tip Top Flower Girl Basket BK5, Organza in ivory or white
Tip Top Flower girl crown 429 ivory, white, pink, lilac and sky blue
Tip Top Flower girl dress 5251 with Petals 2-12
Tip Top Flower Girl Dress style 5581 in Ivory size 2-12
Tip Top Flower Girl Petal Dress 5085, size 2-6
Tip Top Ivory Ballet Flower girl shoes Clearance
Tip Top Jr Bridesmaid long satin dress 5346 gold/ivory size 12,14
Tip Top Kids 5718 Flower Girl Dress White, Ivory 2-14X
Tip Top Kids 5813 Flower Girl Communion Dress
Tip Top Kids size chart (Click here to view)
Tip Top Kids Style 5191 Flower Girl Dress pink size 2-12
Tip Top Long Communion 5362 sizes 4-14 includes jacket
Tip Top Satin Flower Girl sash with Pre-made bow
Tip Top style 479 Wreath Flower girl crown in many any colors
Tip Top Tiara 303 for Flower girl silver with rhinestones
TipTop 5036 Satin Flower Girl Dress in ivory, white
TipTop 5664 Flower Girl Dress, Ivory or White 4-18
Turquoise ( this picture does not enlarge)
Val Stefani Mother of Bride Satin dress MB6860 Smoke Blue Size 16
Val Stefani Mother of the Bride (click to enlarge)
VEILS- Bridal veils
View All Wedding Gowns
VM Collection 70210 Dress Turquoise 2
Wholesale Wedding Dresses
Yvette Flat Lace Shoe in White, Ivory Dyeable size 5-12
Zum Zum size chart
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